DCAs Ecosystem

Monitoring requires collecting data from the printers. This is done with a data collection agent, known as a DCA, which is installed or activated on a device that is connected to the network where the printers to be monitored are located.

Nubeprint is the only solution with multiple DCAs that can guarantee a monitoring service for any customer, from a corporation to a private individual or teleworker.

All Nubeprint data collectors are compatible with each other and can work separately or together in the same network. 

This results in the best monitoring ratio in the industry.


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Teleworkers and other small printer users

When teleworkers, students and small offices need a monitoring service, the user activates Nubeprint monitoring from his devices such as his cell phone, his Chromebook or his Smart TV. No more hassle installing a data collector in the PC. This solution, exclusive from Nubeprint, does not require a network expert, and the customer security policies and the data protection regulations are respected.

Monitoring printers from companies

Medium and large companies, as well as public organizations, use the Nubeprint agent CPM installed in a Windows (server or PC), Linux (server or desktop) or Mac. Not only this agent complies with the strictest regulations in the industry, but it is the only one in the market that the customer can fully audit to ensure that the data collected and the data transmitted is the one intended, with no risk to collect “by accident” any personal data from the printer.

Still some monitoring services require a solution that does not depend on the PC of the customer. Nubeprint data collector CPMbox is a standalone plug-and-play device that collects the usage data from the printers. In addition, Nubeprint DCA can be installed in a Raspberry.

For deployment purposes, the Nubeprint collector agent is also available as a Docker image for containers. This is of special interest when having to monitor large corporations making extremely easy for the IT department to install and manage a cluster of data collectors.

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Monitoring USB printers

When it comes to monitoring USB connected printers, some solutions in the market promise they can monitor any printer. In reality, these solutions only provide a page counter, which is not collected from the printer. Of course, there is no way that these solutions give you the level of the supplies.

Instead, Nubeprint provides a solution that collects the counters and the levels of the supplies from those printers connected by USB (IEEE 1284.4), or through Local Agents provided by device manufacturers.

If the printer is not IEEE 1284.4, Nubeprint provides an alternative to manage any printer or copier that can’t be monitored: NetLess mode.

Tell us about your difficulties to monitor the printers of your customers and we will be pleased to give you a solution that fits.